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Spartan: Total Warrior is a spin-off of Creative Assembly's Total War series and was their first foray into the console market. The game is available for the GameCube, Playstation 2 and the original Xbox. The game is primarily set in a fictional Ancient Greece and starts off with a Roman siege of the city-state Sparta. The player controls a nameless character that simply goes by 'The Spartan,' who is then contacted by Ares. The God of War strikes up a deal, in return for The Spartan's assistance, Ares will help repel the Roman invasion and help The Spartan in finding his true identity.


The player control a nameless character that goes by 'The Spartan' as he attempts to protect his home from invading Roman legions. The game is portrayed in third-person mode similar to other games of this type. The combat is fairly basic, consisting of a quick, single target attack that does significant damage or an area of effect attack that is slower and deals less damage. There are three difficulties: Recruit, Soldier and Veteran which are available from the beginning. This game is based around combat with few puzzles throughout the game - mostly switch pulling and combat. In the game, the player fight many enemies, who naturally get stronger as the game progresses. There are over 20 enemy types including Skeleton Warriors, Praetorian elites and Roman recruits.

The campaign consists of 14 different chapters, progressing from Sparta through Athens and Troy to Rome. As the player progress, new weapons are unlocked and skill points can be assigned to Armor Strength, Physical Strength and Magic.

There is also an Arena challenge where the player faces never ending waves of enemies. By opening certain chests in the campaign, the player can unlock extras for the Arena such as explosives, health and magic stations.

Weapon List

Sword & Shield

The Spartan starts the game with a basic short sword and a shield. They are a good overall choice as they provide great defense and offer no weaknesses.

Athena’s Blades

These deadly weapons were picked up by the Spartan in the Roman camp in chapter two. They are extremely fast, but lack defense. Nevertheless, the agility of these weapons makes the Spartan a worthy foe for any Roman. It is useful against anyone except heavily-armored enemies.

Death Biter

The Spartan picked up this fearsome hammer when he defeats Beowulf in the Badlands. This cumbersome weapon is powerful, but it lacks agility and defense, making the Spartan vulnerable. It is most useful in situations where the Spartan is outnumbered.

Achilles' Spear

This is a weapon that the Spartan picks up in Troy. It is a large spear build for Achilles himself. It is a fast weapon, but it has a weakness against archers as it has little defense. It is most useful against Undead warriors.

Power Bow

This is the Spartan's bow, which he has from the start. It is a powerful weapon that can shoot multiple arrows at once; however, it only holds 30 arrows and so cannot be used indefinitely.


The Spartan

This nameless Spartan is the main character in the game. The Spartan is a gifted warrior with surprising skill in combat. He cares only for his city, and will do anything to save Sparta from the invading Romans.

Castor & Pollux

These two twins are the Spartan's best friends. They, like the Spartan, want to save their city from the Romans and will happily die for their city. Castor is more cautious than his brother, who tends to rush into things without thinking.


Electra is princess of the Amazons. She is a fierce warrior and hates the Romans as much as the Spartan. She becomes friends with the Spartan they help each other escape the Roman camp.


Being the Roman emperor, Tiberius wants nothing less than world domination. Therefore, he sends his army to destroy the last stronghold in Greece - Sparta.


A Praetorian prefect, Sejanus is in charge of some of the most fearsome assassins in the Roman army. He is a ruthless and cunning soldier who has strange magical powers.


The Roman General in charge of the attacks on Sparta. Crassus is evil and cares only for promotion. He despises the Spartans for daring to stand against Rome and wants to burn their city to the ground.

King Leonidas

The king of the Spartans, King Leonidas is a mightily warrior. He loves his city and will protect it with his life. He is a skilled fighter, second only to the Spartan.


Spartan: Total Warrior's story is set around the fictitious Roman invasion into Sparta. The Romans have reached the city , and now all Spartans are being called to arms. When they are assembled, King Leonidas speaks to the Spartans and tells them that they must defeat the Romans. As the Spartan listens, he is contacted by the Greek God Ares, who says he is willing to help the Spartan defeat Sparta’s enemies and in return, he wants only the vengeance he desires. The Spartan is then sent into combat on top of the Spartan walls and in the end, he defeats Talos, a giant Bronze machine sent to attack the city walls.

Ares then commands the Spartan and his friend Castor to attack the Roman camp and find the Blades of Athena. Along the way they try to free any captured Spartan they find. The Spartan succeeds in finding the Blades and while fighting his way out of the camp meets Electra, princess of the Amazons. They escape and blow up the bridge so the Romans cannot follow them. Electra then tells the Spartan of a new Roman weapon capable of destroying their city. The weapon can turn anyone into stone with its beam. On hearing this news, the Spartans then fights their last stand in the ruins of the city against the Romans. The Spartan defeats the Romans opposing them and then fights his way through the Roman battlements to an abandoned temple, where the Roman general Crassus has set up his headquarters. The Spartan defeats Crassus in battle and takes his Sword and Shield as trophies. After the battle, Ares once again speaks to the Spartan and tells him to go to Troy, and find the Spear of Achilles to help him aid the Spartans in their future battles. The Spartan heads to Troy with Castor, Pollux, Electra and a battalion of Spartan troops. On the way, the Spartans are ambushed by barbarians, which the Spartan easily beats. The Spartan then kills their king (Beowulf) and takes his massive hammer Death Biter.

The Spartan reaches Troy, and finds out that the Romans are there as well, under the command of Sejanus. Sejanus attacks the Spartan with legions of undead troops, but the Spartan defeats them. After fighting through more Romans, the Spartan reaches Achilles' tomb. Sejanus then forces the Spartan to fight his Nemesis, an exact copy of the Spartan who is armed with the Spear of Achilles. After the battle, the Spartan defeats his Nemesis and recovers the Spear. The Spartan and his friends now fight their way out of Troy, facing both Romans and undead Soldiers. Sejanus tells the Spartan that while he has been in Troy, Sparta has been destroyed. Sejanus escapes, leaving the Spartan to fight and kill the Hydra, which he does.

The Spartan then travels to to seek Archimedes, a scientist who is speaking out against the Romans. The Spartan is told to defend him from the Roman assassins while he gives his speech against the Romans. After this, the Spartan escorts him to a safe house while being attacked by Roman troops. The Spartan then attacks Sejanus’s mansion, who lives in Athens, forcing him to flee. The Spartan is told to reactivate one of Archimedes old weapons, a lighting gun, which he uses to kill Sejanus’s dragon. In retaliation, Sejanus kills Pollux and turns him into a Zombie. Electra and the Spartan then defeat Sejanus and free Athens.

Leaving Athens, The Spartan continues his way to Rome through the Gates of Saturn. While attacking it, they defeat an undead Sejanus, who had come back from the underworld. The Spartan kills his four Priestesses, the his source of his power, and continues on to Rome.

The Spartan infiltrates the city by use of the sewers, while the others plant a bomb in the Colosseum, where Tiberius is visiting. In the sewers, the Spartan kills the Minotaur before emerging into the city. Meanwhile, the bomb goes off too early and the plan to kill Tiberius is ruined. The Spartan quickly saves both Electra and Castor who were about to be killed, and makes his way to Tiberius’. When the Spartan reaches Tiberius, the Roman commits suicide, falling into the arena. The Spartan is then attacked by Ares, who possessed Tiberius and is the true enemy of the story, the one behind the attack on Sparta.

Ares tells the Spartan that he is the son of Aphrodite’s handmaiden who revealed to the other Olympians that Ares was having an affair. For this, Ares was banished by the other Gods and in revenge, he killed the handmaiden. As protection, the Spartan had his memory wiped and he was placed with the world's greatest warriors, the Spartans. When Ares found out the Spartan's whereabouts, he sent in the Roman army to destroy Sparta. In his rage, the Spartan defeats Ares. With no home left to return to, the Spartan, Castor and Electra leave ruins of the Colosseum for tales yet untold.

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