bagronken's Spear of Destiny (PC) review

Before Castle Wolfenstein

Prequel expands without adding 

Many people criticise Spear of Destiny just to be an expansion with more levels of Wolfenstein 3D, and while that might be correct, I can't see anything wrong with that since it's still a good game. Though the levels aren't as many as in the original (unless you have the "Lost Levels" edition) they are generally smaller and less cumbersome to navigate through, which is nice. Other than that, it pretty much uses the same mechanics, sprites and music.

Pros & Cons 

+ Solid prequel / expansion
+ No annoyingly large levels
- Doesn't really add anything new

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    I played this game on steam (though I don't use steam anymore) and I enjoyed it but there is something missing in it yet I am not sure what it is.  If you enjoy shooting things then you will enjoy this game.   You may or may not like how repetitive it can be but if you do get past that then you will find yourself playing for sometime.  Like Doom there are plenty of things to shoot and plenty of keys to find to open a door oh and let us not forget secret areas  5 weapons if you include the knife....

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