Best story in a game this year?

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Silent Hill Downpour has the best story in a game for me this year, as good as the fist Silent Hill games.

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So as a counter point to all the praise Spec Ops gets for its story I present this. Mind you I like the story, but its always good to get both sides.

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The story is just ok, but Spec Ops The Line narrative is pretty cool. And so is Captain Walker.

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Not even close. It was a neat story but there were a lot of problems with it. There were a lot of twists that felt like they came out of nowhere. The hanging guys come to mind. There's just a lot of vagueness that is meant to make the story feel disjointed intentionally but it just makes the story feel rough.

#55 Posted by NoRemnants (384 posts) -

If it weren't for The Walking dead this would be the best by far.

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Yeah for me I'd have to say that this game had story of the year.

#57 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4676 posts) -

Top 5.

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I'm torn about Spec Ops. By itself, I thought it told a good story, and I certainly appreciate what the developers tried to do with its narrative. But having read Heart of Darkness and seen Apocalypse Now, a lot of the impact was probably lost on me. Right from the beginning, I knew where that story was going to take me. I knew I was going to go down a long, dark road, and that there would be no "good" ending at the end of the journey. I'm still glad I took it, so I guess this is the part where I encourage people who haven't read Heart of Darkness to read that story.

Seriously, read it. It's sort of the equivalent of playing a lot of cyberpunk games from the late 90s and early 00s and never having watched Blade Runner. And then watching Blade Runner. The experiences are different, sure, but it becomes so clear how one work inspired all the other works that came after it.

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Everything about Spec Ops's story is pretty great except the twist. The big reveal damn near unravels the rest of the game.

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@ascholzk said:

I haven't played The Line yet, but for me I'd say The Walking Dead is my favorite story this year so far. Even though there are more episodes coming, the incredibly emotional character moments and moral narrative choices really affected me. I think The Darkness 2 and Journey had very good stories too.

I'm with you on that. Never did a game made me feel so engaged with the story as much as The Walking Dead. The decision-making bit was so much fun and the plot was so well written, so well scripted that I couldn't stop playing all the episodes from beginning to end. The ending made my eyes watery. You should consider playing The Walking Dead @AssInAss . That to me is THE BEST storyline in gaming of 2012.

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The "Best X in a game this year?" is always a terrible question.


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