Co-op DLC Released

#1 Posted by Rainbowkisses (519 posts) -

Yesterday 2K games released free downloadable cop-op for Spec-Ops the line. 2K games said the co-op features “four fast-paced missions, each with its own unique objectives, environments, and playable characters,”

I personally have not played Spec-Ops: The Line yet but just received it today from gamefly. From what I have heard though, it does not seem like the gameplay was the main appeal of the game. Is anyone going to check out the co-op campaign or do you think that it's not worth your time?

#2 Posted by Draugen (789 posts) -

Probably not, if the gameplay is the main draw of the DLC. Not after finishing the game.

#3 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

It's cool that they're releasing this DLC for free but I feel like SO:TL isn't a game that needs more "game" on top of it.

#4 Posted by Ramone (3076 posts) -

It would be cool if the co-op was as crazy as the single player but I doubt it will be.

#5 Posted by iAmJohn (6166 posts) -

Okay, cool. Not what I was really looking for from The Line, but sure.

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