Giant Bomb review?

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I am really interested to hear what (I assume it would be Jeff) will say about this game being that his impression when he was early in the game (in the QL and on the Bombcast) were quite poor. Apparently the narrative, story and choices are what makes this game worth getting and I want to know what GB thinks about it - anyone know if a review is forthcoming? I would be surprised if not but its now Friday and nothing - its not like there is loads of other stuff happening at the moment.

Seeing as Jeff isn't a big one for story or interesting moral choice stuff in games, prefering good ole fashioned face shootin' I wouldn't expect it to score highly but I would like to know if his opinion changes as the rest of the press seem quite positive.

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@leebmx: Well you will at least hear his opinions in the next Bombcast, so you are covered either way. I have a feeling that there won't be a review.

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From what it sounded like in the Quick Look and the Bombcast. I'd say it would be a two star review. Maybe even three, but that's being a bit generous.

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As soon as Jeff said, "It's like Homefront!" I knew exactly where his opinion was steering. It's sad though, because the game does a lot of interesting stuff with the story that I really think everybody should see at least once. I'm just concerned about the well-being of this game, even though it's getting good word-of-mouth by fans, the press has infinitely more sway, so a few bad reviews will swing opinions hard, especially on a game like this that I don't think will do well sales-wise.

Read the impressions around the forum. Mostly everybody is really enjoying the story.

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@Napalm: Yeah, I just think sometimes he is a little too quick to judge, and what with the rest of the gaming press seeming to be very impressed with the story I was wondering if he would turn around. I sometimes think that he (Jeff) is a little too jaded sometimes to really represent games for those of us who haven't been playing everything released on every console since 1979.

I think I am going to get this as soon as I have the cash so his opinion isn't important in that sense I just want to know if Jeff can enjoy a story if the gameplay is average as I see him as strictly a gameplay man who is not concerned with art or story.

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