I Beg Of You, Do Not Play The Line

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Whoever reads the news beyond CNN, knows Hollywood-esc picture of war is a teenager heroic wet dream. If so spec ops the line, is the most "realistic" shooter out there.

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That video game didn't resonate emotionally with me at all. Don't be so melodramatic. It's just a so-so game with a very good ending and some interesting concepts that weren't explained very well.

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Now if only this was the transmission coming out of the city...

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I will just leave this here (and this one too). Extra Credits even pointed out how natural and realistic the choices were.

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Looks like the game has had its intended effect on you. GAME OF THE YEAR

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Duder, it's a videogame. You might need to see someone if you're honestly bothered about that.

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It definitely is an interesting commentary on what video games can get players to do just to "finish the game".

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