My Thoughts On The Multiplayer For Spec-Ops: The Line

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I been playing the multiplayer for 3 days. Overall its fun for what it is. Pretty much it has what you expect from a cover based shooter nowadays. customization, perks, a variety of weapons and so on. The only thing that makes it stand out are the maps. You get to fight around in different parts of the war-torn city of Dubai. Sometimes during a match you will have a random sandstorm come along and blind everyone. There's points of the maps where you can use ziplines to get around faster, and use sand by blowing out widows and ceilings to crush your enemies.

There's 8 player battles for all the maps and different game modes. Though the majority of people are playing on deathmatch and team deathmatch. Graphical the multiplayer is a downgrade of the campaign. You will see more texture poppin, abit of lag, and technical errors. You will get annoyed as shit when a host leaves the match and it cuts off the whole online game. Anyway like I said the multiplayer is fun for what it is. You may or may not like it.

If you liked the campaign you will probably enjoy the multiplayer. You might get your asskicked when you first start out. But as long as you play smart and be tactical you'll be good.

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