Plot discussion (plot SPOILERS can be posted except the ending)

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I should preface this by saying that I haven't played through Spec Ops: The Line but I've read through the plot synopsis (i know, shame on me so I apologize in advance) out of curiosity. I wanted to know if any other duders who who have played through this game share the same reductive sentiment that I have about the story, which is that the entire chain of events was set off due to a misunderstanding, which leads to the protagonists attempting to correct the mistake or make up for the mistake that resulted from it. Additional note: I'll get to playing through the game and experiencing it myself and also I only read up to the point after they escaped capture so I do not know how the game ends. Just wanted to start this discussion since it intrigued me that the story essentially takes a very, very dark turn because of a mistake that happend in the middle of the game. It's not often we see stories like this in games and I wondered if anybody else here agrees.

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Also you can say something about the ending for anybody who wantsmto reference it but please avoid posting details about the ending.

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