Spec Ops the Line Spolier Cast with Walt Williams

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Saw this tweeted by Jeff this morning. He did a spoilercast with the Gamespot guys talking to the lead writer. It's a very interesting conversation about some of the major scenes in the game as well as some of the more subtle things people may of missed.

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Spec Ops: The Line lead writer Walt Williams exposes his creative process to Kevin VanOrd, Tom Mc Shea, and Giant Bomb's Jeff Gerstmann.


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Oh man, I first misread this as a Spoilercast with Katt Williams. Oh well, I'll still have to listen to this after I pick up a copy from an eventual Steam sale.

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I was just about to check to see if this was posted on the forums. Will give it a listen! Although I haven't played it, the things that it does sound really interesting.

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Just listened to it. Pretty awesome stuff. Totally worth listening to.

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Some pretty crazy revelations in there. Definitely want to play through parts again after hearing this

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@Metal_Gear_Sunny oh man bad typo on my part :-(
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@Rapid: ...wait wut?
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Listening to it now, thanks!

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Ya, I just finished listening to this. 
Really good spoiler cast, and worth a listen. Especially if you really dig the story or have some questions. He doesn't go into everything, but it's surprisingly in depth and even mentions some things you probably didn't notice. I really enjoyed it.

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@MrKlorox said:

Oh man, I first misread this as a Spoilercast with Katt Williams. Oh well, I'll still have to listen to this after I pick up a copy from an eventual Steam sale.

Its been on sale on amazon for $25 for a week with a steam code

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@CJduke: That's cool, but $25 is still a little steep for a linear shooter, imo.
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Amazing listen. The last 20 minutes truly blew my mind.

I picked up on a few things that they talked about butmy mind wouldn't let me put the pieces together as I had already made up my mind on the story and the characters.

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Just finished listening to that podcast, and man was it enlightening. That writer was very gracious and open about the concepts and design they were trying to pull off as well as what the final game ended up being. Fascinating stuff, and now I gotta go back and play through it all again to pick up on some of the small cues he mentioned, and of course check out some alternate consequences from a few choices in the first run.

Kudos to the publishers for letting this team really try to innovate with total freedom(aside from the most of the title ;).

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Snapped up the game via the Steam Summer Sale and burned through it so I could finally listen to this. I'm surprised at how much of what the writer pointed out was missed in my playthrough! Still, it's an interesting concept trapped in a junky shooter, so I'm not sure when we'll ever get another game that approaches these murky ethical concepts.

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I can't recommend listening to this once you finish the campaign enough.  
I enjoyed the game, although a few of the combat scenarios in the 2nd half on Suicide Mission difficulty seemed cheap in spots, and I recommend it if you can pick it up on sale. I got it for $7.50 from GameFly last week. It's probably the deepest story I've encountered in a shooter (not saying a lot, but still), especially in light of some of the revelations made in this spoilercast. It looks great on PC too. 

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