Spec Ops, your alright.

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So was a bit bored and needed a break from TLoU multiplayer. Decided to try Spec Ops (which is free atm on UK PSN+). Heard the story was interesting so I slapped it on easy and give it a go. Guess what, it's pretty good. Much better that I was expecting. The controls arn't the best and the cover system can be clunky but i'm having fun with it. Love the story and setting. Think i'm about half way through (just met up with the CIA guy Riggs) and looking forward to the rest of the game. So, yeah, if you haven't played it give it a go.

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It gets even better. Hoooo boy.

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You're alright.

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The homophone is ringing. You better pick it up, if you know what I mean.

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So I just finished it. Got to say I really enjoyed it. Best military story I've ever played. Kept me going when the gameplay was a bit by the number. So hats off to those guys.

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