Tom Bissell article on The Line and shooters

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I actually still haven't played Spec Ops yet, but at this point, given the conversations happening around it, I need to give up on finding a good sale and just pay the full price. It seems like it might actually be worth it.

Anyway, despite not playing the game yet, I did enjoy Tom Bissell's piece on it on and wanted to make sure others had a chance to read it:

I'm a huge fan of Bissell, and while this isn't his best writing, it's still very good and inspired me to finally bite the bullet on getting the game. I like that there is something out that is inspiring these conversations, especially in a genre that is so generic. Looking from the outside-in on it right now, I can't tell if it's right to call the game 'subversive' (in the best possible way), but there does seem to be something unique about it and what it's trying to do.

Hell, even the fact that it's just 'trying' is enough to make it interesting.

Also, this article is what makes me actually interested in playing the new Gears game since Bissell is writing it.

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@KirePDX said:

Also, this article is what makes me actually interested in playing the new Gears game since Bissell is writing it.

Wait, seriously?

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I was already more interested in the game when I learned he was attached to it (and completely uninterested prior to that), but definitely, if the writer of the game has this kind of perspective on story and writing in games, and is as ambitious as Bissell is, then I am absolutely more interested in playing it.

The most boring thing in the world would be if Judgement's writer was someone who said that shooters have great stories and he wants to continue that trend. It's far more exciting for the guy to say that current stories are lacking, acknowledge the dissonance between providing a storyline and dealing with interactivity that is primarily limited to picking when/what to shoot.

Regardless of the story, though, the gameplay will be solid. I have full faith in People can Fly to rock that...but I've played enough GoW games (and Bulletstorm) and I wasn't looking for another. I am, however, now looking for a game that could provide a good story.

(worth noting, I also really like Karen Traviss, starting after her Star Wars Commando series; and read some of her Gears books. They were okay, and the storyline for GOW3 had great moments but a lot of filler...though, man, that ending was spot on).

Anyway, all this said...maybe Bissell will deliver crap, but whatever. This gives some hope that they'll do something interesting. Different, at the very least.

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