Whats the deal with this game?

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So I have been craving to get a new game to play and im wanting to check out Spec Ops: The Line but im kinda confused about it. On the bombcasts and reviews on giantbomb jeff made hints h that it has a hard choice in the game that changes something?, or something big happens that makes the game better?, i don't know im confused so I wanted to get your opinion, is this game good?, ive heard mixed reviews about it and I just don't really know what to think of it.

Thanks Bombers.

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In a nutshell, it's got fairly by-the-books third-person shooter gameplay and a dark story about the unintended consequences of war/violence. The story is the reason to play it, not the gameplay. Without being too specific (to avoid spoilers), the game deliberately tries to upset the usual tropes of war-themed videogames, showing how war, with the mindset it entails, can make otherwise decent people do some very bad things. The game's story also takes major inspiration from Heart of Darkness and the movie, Apocalypse Now. If any of that piques your interest, I'd recommend giving the game a try. You can find it cheap now and there really aren't many games like it. It's debatable how successful the game is in dealing with its subject matter, but I think that's a big part of the appeal of this game: not that it's a masterpiece, necessarily, but that it's trying to push the boundaries of what games have been able to express.

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If you have Playstation Plus it's free this month.

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It was a nice surprise I got out of the Winter sale.

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@bearklaw19: If you're looking for a really interesting story in a modern military 3rd-person shooter, this is THE game for that. I personally think it's a pretty good game.

Even if you really take your time with it, you'll probably be done the campaign in 8 hours or less. I recommend just setting it to the easiest setting, because the gameplay is pretty typical, and frankly you should be playing it to advance the story, not to really challenge yourself. The game gets kinda tough at the end on higher difficulties, so I really do recommend the lowest difficulty setting.

Anyway, the setup for the story is that a sandstorm hit Dubai crazy hard and basically ruined the whole city, and the 33rd Battalion (led by Lieutenant Colonel John Konrad) was sent in as like foreign aid. They are eventually ordered to pull out after it appears the situation is unsalvageable, but instead Konrad orders the battalion to go rogue and ignore those orders, remaining in the city to try to help the people there. They cut off radio contact/continuing sandstorms make it hard to maintain radio contact, and several weeks/months pass without the U.S. government doing anything further (this part is slightly hard to believe, but whatever).

After some time has passed, the US government decides to send a recon team of 3 Delta Force soldiers to investigate and report back on how things stand in Dubai. You are one of the guys in that 3-man team. That is the starting point of the game.

Like they said on the Bombcast and review, there are some really nuts moments as the game goes on. It's not the greatest story ever or anything, but like I said earlier, compared to other modern military 3rd-person shooters, it's really interesting. If you like games that make you really think about what your beliefs are, and what's the right thing to do in a really fucked up situation, you should enjoy this game. I think the main character has a really fascinating character arc as the game progresses, and the game ultimately gives you some pretty meaningful choice over how exactly his character arc concludes. The story is a little dull for the first half, but there is a certain point where it really picks up, and from then on it stays pretty engaging. I think the final moments of the game are handled very well. Also, the game has some cool Vietnam War-era music, partially because the game is loosely inspired by Apocalypse Now.

I didn't touch the multiplayer, so I couldn't tell you how it is, or if anyone is still playing it.

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@bisonhero: wow thanks for the awesome reply. ill deff check it out.

@savage: ill check it out, it sounds interesting enough, thanks.

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It got it on Plus+

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I didn't touch the multiplayer, so I couldn't tell you how it is, or if anyone is still playing it.

I would recommend anyone playing SO:TL to stick to the campaign. Multiplayer is an underwhelming, tacked-on addition that doesn't actually add anything to the game. I guess you could argue in a meta- sort of way that it's there as a sort of commentary on the state of modern game development. Definitely don't play it, though.

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On the story side it does some cool shit. Gameplay wise, it's competent, but nothing more.

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Just finished it. This game has some dark stuff going on. A war game that gives your trigger pulls weight and meaning. Should be used as an example on how game violence isn't 100% exploitation.

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If you delve into the narrative enough, it's a fairly admirable criticism on the games we popularize today. I'd recommend it. I really enjoyed my time with it, regardless of its competent mechanics (was actually part of the criticism in my opinion).

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Spec Ops: The Line got way to much credit, The story was great and very intense but at the end of the day playing through it wasn't fun at all

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I think the gameplay is actually much better than people say it is (they act as if it's bad) and the story does very interesting things. Very much worth playing through.

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I actually really dug the gameplay. You don't see a lot of third person shooters without bullet sponges, and the stealth bits were occasionally neat. The shooting was totally serviceable. Maybe a little bland, but certainly not bad.

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The game play in Spec-Ops is at best boring and at worse terrible. The reason you play this game is because of the story where I still can't believe they found a producer to fund it. It isn't so much that there are shocking or horrific things going on (there is plenty of that) but the game itself seems to be suggesting a subtext against the whole FPS Campaign genre. There is even an argument that could be made that the mediocre game play is part of the theme of the themes of the game.

I think Spec-Ops is a game that demands to be played just for the story but I also don't know if I would suggest anyone spend more than $20 on it.

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If you value your cash and want something that plays well/fun and lasts long enough, this game sucks cock. If you like yourself a good mindfucking story with terrible Gears of War clone shooting (without the fun), this game should be your GOTY because its story progression blows other games out of the pond.

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The gameplay is serviceable and I didn't think the story was anything special. It was different, but it failed to make me care about any of the characters, so all of the dark emotional bits just fell flat for me. The ending is neat, but that is by far the best part and you have to slog through so much mediocrity I'm not sure it's worth it. I got it for about $7 and I think that's about the right price. I'd say play it if you can get it really cheap, but hold out until then.

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