phatmac's Spec Ops: The Line (PlayStation 3) review

War is hell.

Spec Ops is either a love it or hate it kind of game. On one hand the combat feels rough and bad for the most part while the story and events that happen are simply memorizing. I want to praise Spec Ops for doing something that no military shooter has ever done. For that matter any game really. It maked me think about what I'm doing and why I'm shooting. It shows you the horrors of war and down right blames you for everything that has happen. For the fears of spoilers I won't talk much about the story, but let it be known that it is worth a look. The combat on the other hand is poor. Spec Ops's shooting feels weak and character control feels off. My deaths felt like the games' fault because Walker decided that he didn't want to take cover. Simply put, playing Spec Ops is the worst part of the game. That may scare some people off and I wouldn't blame you. Remember that it took me close to 5 hours to beat this game. The multiplayer also isn't worth a purchase so in order to play this short experience you'll have to pay more than you should. It's a hard game to recommend as I disliked playing it. Still, it kept me interested in the story and at the end it left a strong impact that few games every do. It's a game that accomplishes it's goals of being an inspiration of the likes of the book "The Heart of Darkness." Hell the main antagonist is named Konard. With that in mind if you wish to play this game just know that you'll have to go through a lot of lackluster shooting in order to experience the best parts of Spec Ops.


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