I wish I had the time to play this :(

#1 Posted by gabha (397 posts) -

But as is, I still haven't even gotten to playing some of 2007 biggest games (Like Bioshock), All the SE RPGs coming to the 360 don't help either.

#2 Posted by floodiastus (1288 posts) -

Yeah this one looks solid. Let's hope they put some twist to the turn based formula. Having played FFT and Jeanna Darc on the PSP recently I began to feel the genre had to step up some to keep me interested.

#3 Posted by Felix (168 posts) -

This comes out the same day as SC IV, will be hard to find time for both!

#4 Posted by floodiastus (1288 posts) -

After each 10 hour session with SCIV, im sure it will be nice with some relaxing turn based goodness :D

#5 Posted by PercyChuggs (1137 posts) -

Hoping to get this from GameRang by the beginning of next week. Don't really care if the graphics suck, if the SRPG gameplay is tits, I am down.

#6 Posted by isawachuck (165 posts) -

I like the game, but its just been tech issue after tech issue.  The animation is sputtery.  I've had it lockup on me 4-5 times already and I"ve only done 3 missions.  Some of the sound is crackly as well.  I have a 360 Elite and I don't have any issues with any other games.  I'm going to try and take it back for another copy, hopefully that'll do the trick. :(

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