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Buggy Boy (also known as Speed Buggy in the US) is a behind-the-car rally racing game developed by Tatsumi in 1985. The original arcade cabinet featured a wide, three-screen cockpit setup with a steering wheel, a gas pedal, a break pedal, and a 2-stage gear box. A single-screen upright cabinet version of the game was later released, called Buggy Boy Jr.


The player can choose to race one of five courses: North, South, East, West, and the Offroad circuit. Each course has five legs (with the exception of the Offroad circuit, which substitutes legs with laps), all of which the player must reach the checkpoints before time runs out.

Throughout each course, there are many obstacles which the player must avoid to maintain their speed. Aside from obstacles are changes in terrain, such as high banks, tunnels, and bridges, which may help or hinder the player's ability to avoid obstacles. Failure to avoid obstacles will result in a crash, which slows the player down significantly, resulting in losing precious time.


Players get points for distance travelled, but additional points can be earned by performing several feats:

  • Gates: Players can drive through gates that are spread along the course. Players are awarded 100, 250, or 500 points for passing under a gate, depending on what is marked on the gate's banner. An additional "TIME" gate awarded you 500 points, but also added two additional seconds to your time extension upon passing a checkpoint.
  • Flags: Players can collect flags of various colors for 30 points.
  • Jumping: Players can jump off the ground by running over logs that are spread across the course for a score multiplier. Any other bonuses collected while in the air are also multiplied. Players should be cautious while jumping, as you cannot steer or change speed while in the air.
  • Driving on two wheels: Players can drive the buggy on its side on two wheels by running over tree stumps or rocks for a score multiplier. Like jumping, bonuses are multiplied while driving on two wheels. Players should be cautious while driving on two wheels; steering improperly will cause the buggy to crash.
  • Soccer Balls: Players may find soccer balls on the course that you "kick" by running over them for extra points. Many of the soccer balls are hidden behind fake obstacles that you run through to collect. "Kicking" a soccer ball awards the player with 2000 points.

Upon completing the course, or running out of time, the player is awarded with additional bonuses:

  • Time Bonus: Players are awarded 250 points for every second remaining on the clock upon completing the course.
  • Gate Bonus: Players are awarded 500 points for every gate collected throughout the race.
  • Leg Bonus: Players are awarded points for every leg completed: 1000, 3000, 5000, 7000, and 10000 points, respectively.

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