Anyone vaguely interested Speed Runs?

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Although I know I could never actually do any of the crazy things I see (personally, my bragging rights consist of finishing Resident Evil DS in less than an hour), I'm the kind of person who enjoys watching people beat games stupid fast, sometimes through serious memorization and practice (Super Mario Bros in 5 minutes flat), sometimes through serious and brutal exploitation of the game engine (Dragon Age in 35 minutes?). In any case, I was wondering if anyone else finds these kinds of things entertaining. Here's an example of what I'm talking about:


Edit: Gaaahhh. My thread title is grammatically incorrect.
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Links to more? Having trouble sleeping, lol.

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I enjoy a good speed run, but I hate tool-assisted runs.  That just loses the point of it.

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I like watching speedruns.

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I beat Shadow Complex in 47 minutes, got me to 7th place on the leaderboards back when the game came out, but now I believe I am at 40th....

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I once speed ran through MGS4 in a couple hours. Watching speed runs is usually as far as my involvement goes though. 

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@GunslingerPanda: Here's where I find most of them.  Personally, the singular most mindblowing one for me was Might and Magic VI in 45 minutes, but that speed run really only makes sense because I have played the game before.
@Hailinel: Same here, oddly enough. Watching someone abuse save states to save a few minutes isn't nearly as impressive as someone who get's a slightly higher time legitimately, because you know the second person is batshit crazy.

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I'm sometimes interested in the methods of doing these runs, like the backwards long jumps you see in every Super Mario 64 speedrun. Damn it, I wish I could pull that crap off!

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I would watch them, performing them isn't my style.. it becomes too technical for my liking.

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I love watching speedruns, and like to attempt single level speedruns from time to time. Doing entire games is usually a little masochistic for my taste. I've done it for Mega Man 9 and 10 before though, those are a little less rough because you can save and load if you mess up instead of having to start all over, though the Wiley levels have to be finished in a single segment. It's been a while since I've tried, but I beat Mega Man 9 in under 35 minutes once. Not spectacular but it felt like an accomplishment.

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Lol, that Dragon Age one must be wrong: He started in the Fade? What?

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@GunslingerPanda: No, as part of the mage origin story you totally go into the fade. Sorry to burst your bubble.
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@ArbitraryWater: Shows how long it's been since I played that game!
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I was thinking about creating a Speed Run thread and found this. i will revive this thread! I wonder if there is a good New Vegas speed run yet.

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I actually have a strong interest in speedrunning....I am fascinated by the Super Metroid speedrunning scene in particular.

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Love watching them but I don't like to play a game like that and if I do a try and play a game fast, like SMB1, I won't try and memorize the best route or anything crazy or try ridicules tricks and things, I'll just try and run through the game as fast as I can. I'd be too afraid that I'd get absorbed and obsessive like some of the people's speedruns I watch.

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I'll watch really short speed runs or longer ones if they have commentary.

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