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Speedx 3D is a game by the developer HyperBees. The user is sent barreling down a cylindrical corridor at high speeds. Using the accelerometer of their Android device, the player must navigate past obstacles. Various power-ups are incorporated into the game, as well. However, there are also several special game modes that will be activated at different points during the play session, including "Blackout" and "Dark Nebula". These game modes usually make it more difficult to detect upcoming obstacles, which are usually marked by a colored path leading up to them. As you travel down the corridor, points are accumulated at a constant rate. Your score can be submitted at the end to an online leaderboard, as well as be published on Facebook or Twitter.


There are four different gameplay modes;

  1. Endless Mode is rather close to what it sounds. The player is given a single stage and four different difficulty settings to choose from; Easy, Normal, Hard, Insane.
  2. Stages Mode lets you pick from 48 different runs in 4 different stages. Each respective stage is set to a particular difficulty. The first run being the easiest and the last run being the hardest.
  3. Survival Mode is only slightly different from Endless Mode in that the player does not start with or have the ability to acquire a shield. This effectively means that a two hits from triangles or one hit from blocks would end the run. This would be rather hard. There are a lot of blocks.
  4. Zones Mode is the hardest of the bunch. The player does not start with a shield, much in the same way they do now in Survival Mode and the player much refill their fuel tank by picking up fuel power ups throughout the single run.

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