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Just a quick note that the more I play both versions of Spelunky, the more I discover what's been added to the game since the original. The PC Wikia seems to largely ignore the 360 release, as it split off into a separate 360 one. So I'll try to cross-check what I can, but could use some help since so much of the text is already written.

If anyone already well versed in the PC version can help to identify things they don't recognise (as 360 specific), I think that would help keep things straight without reformatting the sections. Maybe the new site design will have some features to help with keeping platform differences straight (sent Dave a note).

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A few things I noticed off the top of my head:

  • Arrows fired from traps have a different downward curve. Instead of dropping 1 tile for every 4 horizontal, it now looks like its either 6 or 8.
  • Smashing pots with your whip now requires a second attack to kill any creatures that were hiding in said pot.
  • Jumping on a bat pops you up 3 tiles instead of 2.

I'm not counting things that were added in the X360 version (new monsters, the shopkeeper hoards, etc.), as those should be fairly obvious. Just a few little things that I noticed make the Xbox version a bit harder if you're not careful.

As for the platform differences, that shouldn't be an issue, since Mossmouth has said they're looking at a Steam release.

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