Does anyone else still do Spelunky Daily runs on PC?

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#1 Posted by Thurbleton (176 posts) -

With Patrick possibly getting into Spelunky figured this may be a decent time to ask this

After getting the game and getting into daily runs I was able to defeat Olmec! I took a break for a while and have begun trying to get Yama on a daily but in the mean time the list of friends who play Spelunky on a regular basis are slim and its fun to compare with folks and their run. So I ask you, the duders of giant bomb, if you still do the daily runs (and perhaps upload them to youtubes like I do), do you want to be friends on steam or something I guess?

I used to watch the Spelunky Explorers Club for this but that community has stopped posting runs...

#2 Posted by Atwa (1228 posts) -
#3 Posted by Pirsig (63 posts) -

I don't play it every day, but I do play it, and don't have anyone on my friends list to compare with either. assortedchaos is my steam name.

#4 Edited by SexyToad (2939 posts) -

I'm doing pretty awful at Spelunky, but sure, add me! I just been getting into it, so I've been playing a fair amount.

#5 Posted by markini6 (533 posts) -

Rambolambo1423 is mine, had the game for a while now but never really persevered but think that will have to change! Hope you guys don't mind me adding you for leaderboard fodder (and fun!).

#6 Edited by buemba (125 posts) -

I try to do the challenge every day, but I've been lapsing a bit. Still, if you want to add me my profile is:

Buemba on Steam or buemba on PSN.

#7 Posted by GnaTSoL (870 posts) -

I'm so pissed they won't update the 360 version with the daily challenge.... :(

#8 Edited by CharlieBoom (36 posts) -

Great idea! I'll add the duders above when I get back home.

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#10 Posted by Raethen (187 posts) -

I try and get in at least the Daily Challenge everyday, but none of the people on my friends list play unfortunately. I would enjoy seeing some names on the list after I fail miserably.

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#12 Posted by Atwa (1228 posts) -

Damn some of you are good, puts me to shame. I really need to improve my game, haven't made much progress lately.

#13 Posted by TheSouthernDandy (4086 posts) -

I picked it up on PC recently habit not played the 360 version in a while an I'm in love with it again. I'll add you duders.

#14 Posted by Thurbleton (176 posts) -

Nice to see so many people actually still play the game, after a bit of trying I wasn't able to find a way to link my SteamID in the way the rest of the folks have but i'm in the Giant Bomb PC Gaming Hub Steam Group under [Thurble]. Also I guess on the subject of daily challenge videos like Chris Remo's I could shamelessly promote my youtube channel where I post my runs for funsies.

Happy spelunking all

#15 Posted by deano546 (192 posts) -
#16 Posted by JoeBlank (37 posts) -

I've been playing every day pretty much

#17 Posted by jeconner (80 posts) -

I've been playing the daily challenge every day for the past couple months

#18 Posted by mikey87144 (2081 posts) -
#19 Edited by Toastburner_B (285 posts) -

I just picked the game up during the Holiday Sale, so if you need someone to keep you from the bottom of the leader board, I am your man.

#20 Posted by BaconAndWaffles (87 posts) -
#21 Edited by Danteveli (1369 posts) -

Anyone need noob Spelunker to make them feel better about their results?

None of my friends plays this great title. To hell with them!!

#22 Posted by amarriner (179 posts) -

I play as many days as possible. Usually post the video of it to Youtube as well. Hit me up if you want.

#23 Posted by Ghostiet (5832 posts) -

Watching everyone have a go at Spelunky makes me regret not buying it during the Steam sale. Goddamn you, people.

#24 Posted by amarriner (179 posts) -

Sorry for the double-post. I added as many people from here as I could, but if I missed you feel free to add me. Also, since I'm not the only one doing youtube videos of my runs would it be beneficial to do something similar to the spelunky explorers club? Would there be an easy way to do that here? I suppose we could just start a post every day with an embedded video. Hell, I'll start one now and see where it goes. :)

#25 Edited by koolaid (1339 posts) -

Sounds like a good time. My username is kool-aid!. Let's Spelunk!

#26 Posted by Weltal (2304 posts) -

Sure, I've been giving the daily challenge a go lately but don't have anyone to compare against.

#27 Posted by mracoon (5097 posts) -

I've added a couple of people in this thread. Here's my profile if anyone else wants to add me. I play most days.

#28 Posted by Happenstance (503 posts) -

I do them every day on my Vita but have been tempted lately to get the PC version as well.

#29 Posted by TheHT (13586 posts) -

Spelunkin' with Scoops got me to reinstall and start giving the Daily Challenges a go.

steamid: TheHT

#30 Posted by AnthonyWalkens (39 posts) -
#31 Posted by von_wemberg (191 posts) -

I guess this gives me motivation to mess around with it semi-daily.


#32 Posted by Itwongo (1704 posts) -
#33 Posted by BRG9000 (117 posts) -

I'm still doing the daily challenge more days than not, but my leaderboards have dried up. Link to me below and I'll be friending a bunch of you from this thread when I get online tonight!

#34 Edited by Driam (199 posts) -

Steam name - "iamdriam". Show me your moves.

#35 Posted by Carlos1408 (1621 posts) -

Is it worth getting on Xbox btw? I don't really fancy playing it on my Mac. Watching Patrick play it has gotten me interested in the game.

#37 Posted by thebatmobile (993 posts) -

I'm fluidicdrwatson on steam. Add me, I might get in to the daily challenges again

#38 Posted by amarriner (179 posts) -

@carlos1408: As far as I understand it, there is no daily challenge on the xbox, but perhaps someone else who has that version can confirm?

#39 Posted by gaminghooligan (1804 posts) -
#40 Edited by climax (211 posts) -

Just started to do it everyday. Add me. I would love to see how poorly I play in comparison to all of you!

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#43 Posted by cannedstingray (472 posts) -

cannedstingray on steam as well as xbl and psn feel free to add me I've got spelunky on all. Mostly play daily challenge on PC, occasionally on vita

#44 Posted by Fattony12000 (8139 posts) -

I haven't even started doing them yet.

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#46 Posted by weegieanawrench (1956 posts) -
#47 Posted by ChunkyB (30 posts) -
#48 Posted by SWIPSTER (29 posts) -

Im in.

#49 Posted by Mike (16631 posts) -

I'm just starting to learn the game after buying it twice...most recently during the Steam holiday sale. I'm adding everyone in the topic right now!

#50 Posted by SexyToad (2939 posts) -

Someone should look into making a giant Spelunky GB group on steam! I'm down with making it, but I'm not the hugest Spelunky player around.

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