Duder Explorers Club (Spelunky Daily Challenge 2014-01-30)

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Birthday run! Aaaaaaand I forgot to unmute my mic, geez. Not a great run anyway. Plasma Cannon killed me, but not in the way it normally does, heh.

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Managed to do an okay Hell run on this daily.

Tip: Don't count on finding any bombs in the crates above Olmec.

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I throw this run away by trying to jump on a shopkeeper in the ice caves. I'm full of bad ideas during daily challenges.

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Heh. The Plasma Cannon killed me too, but not quite the same way. I tried to get it by blowing up the ground below it and grabbing it afterwards, but there was a jump pad directly below it. The Plasma Cannon bounced off the jump pad and into me, which put me into a bouncing loop while the Alien Queen took potshots at me.

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Not a good day in the Spelunky office. I think I am coming towards the end of my Spelunky addiction.

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Made it to the temple but got in over my head. Time stamps are below. Also I talk about my plans for 'speed running' the daily on friday. (anyone welcome to join me on that)

Time Stamps are in spoilers

01:20 I waste several bombs for a Damsel's kiss
03:00 Pro Big-Spider take down
08:43 Jungle 2-1
09:40 Intricate backtrack for a Mattock
11:10 Mad dash from a Ghost
13:00 Maneuvering around the lake
20:00 Ice World 3-1
21:20 Lucky Yeti King kill
22:55 The Alien who lived and the Damsel in the Vault
23:53 Temple 4-1
24:00 Between an Anubis and an Angry Shopkeeper (Death)

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@erinisadrunk: Yeah, I was thinking the same thing before. But, I must get all of those achievements >_>

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One of the better scores I've posted in a while. I messed with the alien lord in 3-3 before I was ready and he fried my brains. $159,300.

EDIT: Wrong day.

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My best run yet. Daily or otherwise =]

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@fobwashed: congrats on the run and welcome our goofy "club" :)

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