Spelunky coming to PS3/Vita this summer

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Another indie game for the vita!! I'm actually really excited for portable Spelunky.

Via Polygon

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Awesome. I was thinking of finally getting it and now I'll just wait for the Vita version.

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Man Sony really is doing a splendid job convincing developers to port the game over. Loving it!

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That's going to be a fucking awesome Vita game.

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I wonder how this will play on the Vita's small screen? It would be amazing if this were a cross buy game. I'm there.

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Awesome news. This will make a fantastic handheld game, and exposing more people to it is always a good thing.

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Oh neat, that sounds like a good fit for the platform.

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I was just talking about wishing Spelunky came to PSN the other day and now I find this. Awesome! Looks like it would be a great game to play on the Vita. Wake Up Club is the only thing keeping that thing with a charge after I finished P4G.

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I am really excited about this and I am really tempted to get a Vita for this and Hotline Miami. I have downtime at work and earning trophies on the go would be fun!

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@blargonaut: Theres also guacamelee and thomas was alone as your indie titles as well as potentially fez (potentially). My time consumer for my Vita has been persona 3 portable (a psp game) as well as persona 4.

With all the games ive listed I would still suggest you wait til the sony e3 conference. They have announced a drop for japan which has worked well for them while the "west" market still struggles horribly so there should be some form of drop or incentive to get a vita then.

edit: on topic, I missed this on XBLA so if im lucky enough to get this on PS+ then I would be as happy as I am today getting catherine. or else I would eventually get it like I will do with guacamelee.

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Between this and Hotline Miami I expect a surplus of thrown Vitas out there!

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Prepare to die on the Vita.

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I need to trade in my Wii U for a Vita

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You can add PC as well. Finally^^

Spelunky is Coming Home... to the PC!

The original "roguelike platformer" is returning to the place where it all started. This summer, PC owners will be able to play the XBLA reboot of Spelunky that won the 2012 IGF "Excellence in Design" Award, as well as Game of the Year Awards from publications like Gamespot and Edge. Spelunky will launch on Steam and GOG, followed shortly by the Humble Store.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Spelunky thus far - we're eternally grateful to fans of Spelunky Classic (which will remain free) and to our fans on the Xbox 360. We can't wait for PC, PS3, and PS Vita owners to join the HD adventure!

See you this summer!


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So happy for this. This was one of the last (non-shmup) 360 games that I couldn't get on PC, and I'll probably be working on this game for years to come. I feel a lot better about the generation shift now.

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Well July has come and gone, and no sign of Spelunky anywhere. I guess it's been delayed till august? I've been searching for more information on this as the end of the month approached, and even asked mossmouth on twitter what was up, but it's been nothing but silence.

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Maybe they've hit a development wall? Critical bugs or something? We'll probably hear something about it soon.

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They talked about it on PS blogcast a few weeks ago. It wasn't ready in time for their PS Play promotion, but they said they would talk about it soon. Maybe a Fall promotion?

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I can't wait for this thing to come to PS3 I LITERALLY CAN'T WAIT :(

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So the summer has come and gone, and i just got a Vita not long ago. Now i'm sitting here staring at the European PSN store with the Spelunky page up.

I'm pretty sure this game was a cross buy at some point wasn't it? It doesn't say that anywhere in the description. However on the US PSN Store, it does. So i'm conflicted here weather or not to pull the trigger on it, i would like to have access to both versions.

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