Spelunky v1.0 Released, Official Website Launched, XBLA Plans

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And here I was thinking the Wii's WiiWare service is stealing all the cool, formerly freeware, and always indie games like Cave Story (coming in October for EU btw), La-Mulana and the like. XBLA will be getting a (very tasty) piece of the pie with Spelunky.

More importantly, version 1.0 of the PC freebie has been released (with support for gamepads) so go and play that while you wait for more details about the XBLA version (like, if it's the same, or a remake, or a sequel, or heavily enhanced for the console audience, or whatever).

It's totally worth it I'm telling you. This is some of the most fun platforming of recent times. Free!

Get it all from the new official website, and enjoy the glorious "XBLA Info Coming Soon!" button.

Here's a sort of speedrun of the PC game for those who are too lazy to game! Just keep in mind that levels are actually randomly generated as in a roguelike, new features have been added since the version played here, and the guy's mostly rushing through the game so you don't see all the elements like rescuing damsels in distress and getting cool treasure and using new purchased items from the shop.

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Oh man, oh man. I am losing my shit over this announcement. I thought hoping for a special XBLA version of this game was a pipe dream.

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Meh, people have something against awesome free stuff I guess.

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Just popped in to say that this game is rad. I finally got around to playing it.
 Most games I play nowadays are missing the great sense of discovery I got from Spelunky. I fell from a high ledge once an just before I died I was like wait-... "$9000 for a kiss?" What's going on?
This game has guns??
That's a big spider!
How do I get to that key? an what does it do?
Weird and crazy surprises all the time. I've not got passed level 2 yet.

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@I_smell: Hope you made it further now! :P
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@Majkiboy:  Not really. I tried the forest levels a couple hundred times n stopped.
I did find a neat shortcut though.
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You need to get some supplies in the first levels! Work out methods for killing the shop keeper is a hint, if you ever wanne give it another go that is.
Hm a shortcut?, Do you mean the tunnel that dude builds for you if you pay him like
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@Majkiboy: Yeah I found that guy and was like OH MY GOD.

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