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#1 Posted by SoSerious (59 posts) -

Am I the only one who had a really good time with this game? It had surprisingly good gameplay, and the mummy was super-funny.

#2 Posted by TheJollyRajah (1576 posts) -

Man... I remember playing this on the Playstation 2 ages ago. It was a surprisingly good little adventure game, and yes, the mummy's animations were hilarious. The only thing I didn't like was how cheesy the story was at the end, when it told you how "good" and "bad" both need to be present for balance in the world. Pretty dumb, but the game as a whole was an awesome week-long journey.

#3 Posted by and333 (842 posts) -

I remember playing it before I was sorted mixed about it. actually i dont rmemeber much about it so i'll shut my mouth! i'll pick it up again one day to refresh my memory but I do remember it being hard in places!

#4 Posted by ahab88 (240 posts) -

I loved the humor and the sheer quantity and variety of activities to do in this game. I also remember a sharp ramp-up in difficulty and sometimes never knowing what exactly to do next. Overall though, I'd say its quite a buy these days,considering you can find it pretty cheap in the bargain bins.

#5 Posted by Gnat (85 posts) -

excellent game and i remember getting so excited when i read in a magazine about sphinx 2

#6 Posted by firespot (33 posts) -

I am a fan of this game, i was playing it last in september. i haven't beaten it yet but i did get further than i have before.

#7 Posted by strangeling (1260 posts) -

I thoroughly enjoyed this game.

The only thing I did not like about it was the "to be continued" ending for the planned sequel that didn't come about due to poor sales.
#8 Posted by JohnTheGamer (341 posts) -

I really liked the game although I never beat it but looking at it makes me wanna soon.

#9 Posted by spiredcrescent (189 posts) -

Awesome game found one of the first xbox games i played

#10 Posted by Akeldama (4244 posts) -

i wish they fleshed it out into a series 

#11 Posted by so_excited_2012 (1 posts) -


#12 Posted by Darkstorn (464 posts) -

@Gnat said:

excellent game and i remember getting so excited when i read in a magazine about sphinx 2

Haha yeah whatever came of that? Oh right no more THQ...

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