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Starcraft -1998- PC-Mac

Spider mines
Spider drones are actually spider mines in Starcraft which are explosive mines manufactured and used by the Terrans and equipped to vultures, a Terran attack vehicle. They each are equipped with motion sensors that activate when enemy units enter into their proximity. When this happens, they deploy popping out of the terrain and follow the target until they come into contact with it at which they will explode and as a result either damage or destroy their target.

Red Alert 2 -Oct. 23, 2000- PC
Terror Drone Schematics

In the Red Alert 2 game, the spider drone appears in it and is called a Terror Drone. It was built as the Soviet's response to the Allied's superior medium tank, the Grizzly Tank. What it would do was it would scuttle to an enemy tank with a speed that could beat a grizzly tank in full motion and pounce itself like a spider onto the tank. Then with its inbuilt laser cutter at the bottom of the base of the terror drone, it will cut a hole big enough for itself to get into the tank and destroy the innards of the tank including the crew as a result. In-game, the Terror drone was a menace to vehicles as once it had pounced onto a vehicle, the only way it could be destroyed was to send the infected vehicle to a Service Depot to remove the threat or to destroy the vehicle itself before it had the chance to finish its work.

Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Migick Obscura - 2001 - PC

Spider Drones make their appearance in Arcanum as 'Mechanized Arachnids.'  Mechanized Arachnids are one of the tougher enemies the player may meet in a few rare instances of the game. They poses an extremely powerful melee attack, a high defense rating,  and damage resistance (which in Arcanum also causes damage to the player's melee weapons).  Players are more likely to encounter Mechanized Arachnids, however, as members of their own party by building them using the technology tree skills and the right schematics. Aside from their innate usefulness as combatants and party members who do not count against the player's maximum party size, Mechanized Arachnids are also usable as a component for creating even more powerful mechanical team members. These include  a poisonous Mechanized Aracnid, the Medical Aracnid (which sacrifices some offensive power for the ability to heal organic party members), and the Automation (a humanoid robot that has the highest stats of any mechanical team member the player can build).

Supreme Commander - 2007-PC -  2008-Xbox 360 -

Monkeylord firing in the distance
In the Supreme Commander franchise, the cybernatical race called the Cybran utilised a towering spider bot called the "Cybran Experimental Spiderbot" or nicknamed "Monkeylord" as a experimental Superunit of  War. Its menacing and large appearance is meant to be a psychological attack on the enemy commander when they see such a robot unleased on the battlefield. However its appearance was not its only use but it also bristled with weaponry, mainly a Heavy Microwave Laser cannon that could cut a swath through the enemy's numbers like a hot knife on butter, delish! It also had twin Heavy Electron  for basic ground attacks, dual Nanite Missle Systems for land and air targets and Meson Torpedoes when underwater. It was the most versatile of the experimental weapons for the Infinate War and also the
An example of its size
cheapest however it came with a price being that they were also comparitively weaker in health then what the other races had to offer. A popular tactic used by Supreme Commanders were to actually use the Monkeylord's comparitively fast speed and size to stampede the enemy's bases to ruins as sometimes the sheer destructive powers of its legs and body it causes while inside a base outweighs the amount of damage it dishes out with its weapons. With the right technologies installed it could also become stealth to radar, an invaluable ability when Commanders needed them to infiltrate the enemy's lines through the sea.

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