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Origin of Spider-Man 2099

Before Miguel donned the name Spider-Man he was once a child. He was born to an eccentric mother, drunk father, and younger brother Gabriel in New York City at the end of "The Heroic Age". He was enrolled in the "Alchemax School For GIfted Youngsters" where he was bullied by Kron Stone who was the son of the Vice President of Alchemax's R&D team where, with the help of his future girlfriend Xina Kwan, was able to expel Kron Stone from school.

As an adult however he cheated on Xina with his brother's girlfriend Dana D'Angelo. Since his life was going well and having become the head geneticist on Alchemax's program that was meant to splice together human/animal DNA inspired by the original Spider-Man he thought he was on top of the world. That is until a human test subject died. Feeling bad about the whole Alchemax playing God thing he tried to quit. Tyler Stone, father to Kron Stone, had other plans though. Stone Sr. poisoned Miguel with a debilitating and highly addictive drug, Rapture, and the only way Miguel would have access to the drug is to either keep working for Alchemax or to buy it from the black market.

Miguel would try desperately to find a cure and the only conclusion he came up with was wiping his DNA clean in order to remove the drug from his system or else he would need it to survive. As O'Hara set up the experiment his jealous supervisor decided to sabotage him by changing it to splice Miguel's DNA with a spider's. This did not kill him however but gave him spider-like abilities but the experiment caused an explosion which seemingly killed his supervisor.

Miguel used his new abilities to escape the Public Eye security team, who are under the paycheck of the Alchemax corporation. While fleeing he ran into a cultist who believed that Thor would return especially with the return of Spider-man giving him the nickname "Harbinger of Thor." Tyler Stone hired the bounty hunter Venture to go and see what the explosion was about. Miguel, knowing that Venture was after him, returned to his house to grab a costume he got recently at the Mexican "Day of the Dead" festival to hide his identity as Miguel.

Miguel eventually came to realize that the "New" New York would need a new Spider-Man. Encountering villains like a new Vulture, Venom, etc. while also fighting the corruption of the Alchemax corporation has enforced the idea that his home needs a hero.

Video Game Appearances

Spider-Man 2099 was supposed to be a playable character in a failed video game by Mindscape Inc's Marvel 2099: One Nation Under Doom. After that project ran it's course Spider-man 2099 had to ride off of the fame of his predecessor's video game fame. He was reduced to being a bonus costume for Spider-Man in the games Spider-Man (2000) and Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro and only granting double damage.

7 years later he was still being treated as a low tier character being a costume for the Wii version of Spider-Man: Web of Shadows this time granting nothing to the player. What's worse is that he was made a costume for Spider-man in Marvel Super Hero Squad. All of this would soon change.

On the 7 day of the 9th month of the 2010th year of A.D. Spider-man 2099 will be rewarded with a starring role in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. He will be paired up with 3 of his namesakes as the only one not to share the Parker name. His gameplay involves Gliding across the future landscape of New York with a spider-sense like ability to see time slow down in front of his eyes as he dives down the city. His talons on his hands give him an edge in hand to hand combat and his aerial combat skills are unmatched.

Spider-Man 2099 is set to return in Spider-Man: Edge of Time as one of two playable characters. The other being the friendly neighborhood web-slinger himself.

Powers and Abilities

Being Spider-man of the future he has the same basic powers as the original.

-Strength, speed, agility, and durability proportionate to a spider.

-Far above average ability to heal although not on Wolverine's level.

-Can jump really high.

However he doesn't share all of his powers with the Spidey of old.

-Spinnerets on the back of his wrist that he produces organically unlike Spider-Man who had to create webbing and web shooters.

-No Spider-sense but heightened sense of sight and hearing. His sight is so good he can see things that would register as a blur to a human's eyes. HIs increased eyesight came with the side effect of red irises in his eyes.

-Retractable talons on his fingers and toes that allow him to climb on walls and deal damage.

-Able to expel venom through his canines. His canines became longer and sharper when he gained his powers.

Although not powers these have come in handy as well.

-Miguel is a geneticist who is very accomplished in his field.

-Web cape that allows him to glide though city and allows him to drop down enormous distances without getting the ill effects of pain and death.

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