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A Wasted Opportunity 0

OK, let's get the big problem in mind here: It's Spider-Man in small, confined spaces. If nothing else is said, this alone qualifies the game as being absurd because it takes all of Spider-Man's biggest advantages and negates them. The game handcuffs Spider-Man from the get-go.This isn't the ONLY flaw in the game. Spider-Man 2099 is just not an appealing character and the incessant griping between the two Spider-Men across time does not really help the game. It is a tedious "character-action" ga...

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Quantum casualties 0

It sure is great that all 6 billion human beings on this planet have individual tastes and opinions and aren’t just some manufactured collective Borg consciousness. Sure, the differences in beliefs can lead to war or death or genocide, but I’ll take that over sitting in a weird electrical-recharge-station thing inside a giant flying space cube any day. How awesome is it that we can choose our favorite songs, movies, poems, floral patterns, interior decorations, room motifs and other manly things...

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Spiderman: Edge of Boredom 0

Such a disappointing game, where to start, number one when you play a spider man game what do you think of? Maybe swinging through wide open spaces, speed, freedom, but no Spiderman edge of destiny gives you spiderman inside a building for the entire game. Issue number two, the villains, can it be much worse here? Spiderman has so many memorable villains and we get anti venom, black cat and the final two castoffs (will leave off as possible spoilers) and a bunch of cookie cutter henchmen. There ...

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