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It's like 4 games in one, only...not 1

Unlike Batman and Superman, Spider-Man has at least more than one good game under his Spidey belt but it also has a weird history of going back and forth between good games (Maximum Carnage, Spiderman 2, Ultimate Spider-Man) to the bad and/or mediocre (Separation Anxiety, Spiderman 3, Web of Shadows). But thanks to Batman and his exploits in Arkham Asylum, comic book games have now gotten a new standard: you can't just be "good enough" for a comic book game, you almost have to be an awesome game...

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Four Spideys for the Price of One... Worth It? 1

 Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions is a strive towards something new for Spider-Man and, for the most part, it's successful. It strays from the open-world format that we've been seeing in recent years and introduces a more linear level-based system. Although it's linear in a sense that it's not an open world, you can decide which levels to play first in sets of four at a time. This would have been okay with me if it didn't show how many levels there would be in the entire game from the get-go. I ...

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A Fantastic Comic-book Game. 1

 Ever since Spider-Man's first foray into movie-based games, Spider-Man games have been based off the thrill of swinging around New York City. While this was exciting for a while, Web of Shadows showed everyone that this was starting to get a bit stale, mainly due to the fact that we were swinging around the same environment again and again. Shattered Dimensions flips this on its head by taking Spider-Man across many different environments, and even different universes. This sense of variety is ...

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A Refreshment for the Series. 10

 The Basics  Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions is refreshment for the series after the last few major games released in the series.   The graphics look pretty good opting to choose motion comic style cut scenes done in the style of the 4 universes.   The in game graphics are pretty good as well allowing one to be immersed in the world of the four universes that look startlingly different.   There are no major glitches in the game, which the last few Spider-man games had a plethora of.           ...

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Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Review 0

By - Richard J.For years, developers have been trying to craft the perfect Spider-Man game. After Rocksteady unleashed the ultimate Batman game last year, tensions were growing higher for a Spider-Man game to reach critical acclaim. Beenox has now taken up the difficult task of developing that critically acclaimed Spider-Man game. Can Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions reach critical acclaim, or fall from a Manhattan sky scraper?Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions tells the story of the "Tablet of Or...

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Spider-Man-vania Syndrome. 2

When you go to buy a game with the name Spider-man attached to it, the odds are you will be a little disappointed when you finally get around to playing it. That's why it was with a lot of fear that I picked up Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions for the DS and I'm happy to say that all my fear was wrong. It wasn't a disappointment but a solid game which is only hindered by a few small problems.   The moment you start to play Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions you will notice one thing, it is if Peter ...

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Boring in New Ways 1

 The 2010 holiday game schedule opens up this year with Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. Activision and developer Beenox decide to go back to the drawing board and rather radically alter how Spider-Man games are made.Here, we have 4 alternate Marvel Universes collide together as you control Amazing, Ultimate, 2099, and Noir versions of Spider-Man. I had barely heard of the 2099 universe and never heard of Noir, so this does introduce people to more of the Marvel library. I half expected ...

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Does whatever a Kratos can 2

So many comic book characters have been around for so long that they have undergone numerous reboots and reinventions in the name of relevance. (Or in the name of creating an excuse to retell the Green Goblin murdering Peter Parker’s love interest storyline again and again.) Shattered Dimensions purports to combine the characters from various reboots in an unlikely crossover, and why not? I know I would love to see calloused, middle-aged and drunk Batman from The Dark Knight Returns team...

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Spider-man four play 0

Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions is a decent Spider-Man game. Let me get the beefs out of the way. There were some times while playing that the lock on system just wouldn't work correctly and it would cause me to get slammed by the opponents or fall to my would be doom. I thought that the First Person fighting would feel hokey and out of place but it fit into the gameplay nicely and the boss battles were well done without being repetitive.  Being that the game was split up to 4 Spider-Men one wo...

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Feels like a step backwards 0

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions for the Xbox 360 offers you a look into 4 different Spider-Man fictions.  Amazing Spider-Man is the run of the mill friendly neighborhood type that you'll know if you've ever heard of the wall crawler.  Ultimate Spider-Man is the version from Marvel's Ultimate universe wearing the black Venom suit.  Noir Spider-Man hails from the Noir fiction, which is a gritty 1930's revision of Marvel characters.  Rounding out the cast is Spider-Man 2099, whom is simply a futur...

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Not the Worst Super Hero game but certainly not the best. 0

      As good as Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions seems to be in the first few minutes.  The graphics are stylized and very well done.  The voice work is a little annoying but passable.  And the MANY bugs are off putting but not game breaking.  At least not most of the time.  The one particularly bad bug was the one in the Kraven level where because the tutorial message switch wasn't triggered properly the game just stalled and just kept spawning enemies for around 30 minutes.  I was afraid of lo...

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Spider-Man, Shattered Arkham Asylum 0

The developers have played a *lot* of Batman Arkham Asylum.  Many of the themes make an appearance here, from the perching takedowns, to the grate-opening-web-pull, and the warning wiggly lines above Spidey's head when about to be hit.  All great gameplay mechanics, but none of them done with quite the aplomb of the Dark Crusader's finest hour.  Still, there's much to like here.The 4 characters are just about different enough to warrant the different dimensions - Noir is certainly the most diffe...

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Solid enough Spidey game. 0

 So the game opens up with Spider-Man attempting to foil Mysterio's theft of The Tablet of Order and Chaos. An artifact with mystical powers, naturally. But while doing so he kind of breaks it and pieces of it get spread across a few different dimensions and the Spider-Men of each have to get them back from the villains who came across them and got all powered up by them.You have your classic, "Amazing" Spider-Man.A " Noir" Spider-Man, from the 1930's who fights gangsters and junk.Spider-M...

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Exciting and enjoyable despite bugs. 0

I recently purchased the Wii version of Spider-Man, shattered dimensions. Spider-man is my favorite Marvel hero, and hearing all the voices I remember for him all in one place is a big sell for me.  The game itself is very well-acted and the voice-acting and script is very good. Though, there were times where dialogue would play before I entered the room it was meant for, and it would repeat, or they would not talk at all. Confusing at first, luckily I didn't miss any important gameplay because ...

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Spidey Scores 0

I will divide this review in to 2 lists then give a final say and rating.  Good Things: Fun Web Slinging  Good Stealth Good Combat Good voice acting Good Graphics  Stan Lee is the Narrator  Spider-Man's sarcastic humor is sometimes cheesy but it's enjoyable and lightens the mood. Bad Things: Repetitive  Controls and Attacks can some times be trickyWeb Slinging can some times be tricky Final Say: The game is very enjoyable, although repetitive and some times tricky, almost any one that is a fan o...

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Activision just stop please 0

Every year Activision puts Spider-man game and with each game I feel that this game franchise will end up like Tony Hawk, wont take a break, comes out with a peripheral and die a slow death. Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions is not helping the franchise become like Tony Hawk. This game is missing one key element, story. Spider-man trying to stop Mysterio from stealing a tablet.Spider-man punches it, breaking it pieces and it flies in to other Dimensions, Why? I don't know, the game doesn't give a...

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