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#1 Posted by mordecaix7 (657 posts) -

Is anyone else having trouble staying on the good side of the alignment scale as you progress in the game?  I'm finding that as I power-up spider-man, he's able to wreck cars just like the black suit which coincidentally, causes lots of civilian casualties and civilians in need.  Most of the time, there are so many enemies swarming you that it's hard to get locked onto the civilian so you can take them to safety.  If you don't, they knock you 10 pts for the evil side.

#2 Posted by Giantkitty (808 posts) -

Just do what i do, and go evil. Computer programs seem to have a problem discerning actions and intents behind them.

#3 Posted by mordecaix7 (657 posts) -

That's true, but from what I understand, there are two endings, one for good and one for evil.  Wanted to play good the first time through but it seems as if that will be pretty hard.  I'm thinking i might be in this position since I fought the Vulture i chose the evil choice to get the achievement.  I think when you make one of those choices, it fills your meter all the way good or all the way bad.  Before the vulture, my good alignment was all the way up and right after, it was all the way down to black.

#4 Posted by Jedted (2460 posts) -

I'm noticing this too, even just web-zipping enemies tends to cause a great deal of damage.  Hopefully you don't have to be 100% red/black to get the respective ending but i haven't finished the game yet so i don't know.

I will say though play as the evil alignment is alot more fun since ya get to fight along side Black Cat.  :D

#5 Posted by Kush (8889 posts) -

I gave up on trying to be good after the first hour...attempting to catch civilians is such a pain in the ass and almost seems impossible. Go bad anyways...Black Cat > Mary Jane Watson!

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