Great Web of Shadows interview, check it!

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I would really like to start seeing the GB crew doing some pre-launch coverage such as developer interviews. But, until that happens or if it does not we will have to make do.

IGN Australia has a great interview with Shaba Games, the developer of Spider-Man: Web of Shadows. It made me even more psyched than I already was.

Here's the link:


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cool interview... hopefully the battle system will be as good as they described it.

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IGN AU: In terms of the enemies that you're going to face in this game, are they all going to be symbiote-derived?

Graham Fuchs:
No, you're going to see a bunch of classic Spider-Man villains, some you've never seen in a game before... [such as] Vulture and Kingpin... the game kind of progresses.

:O They lied!

I have a Spider-Man game for Gameboy colour with Vulture. And wasn't Vulture in the Spider-Man 1 game?

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