Old video? GOOD VIDEO!

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Edit: Ehhh, my text vanished. Anyway, this is a really cool video (I thought) and it gives you some solid gameplay footage to check out. ur thots?!

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(Making my own reply because GiantBomb doesn't like me embedding videos from competitors?)

-Voice acting: cheesy Spider-Man voice acting. I'm indifferent towards it.

-Audio: Seems to check in and out at times, that may be attributed to IGN's video player or to the game itself, I have no idea.

-Graphics: Looking good

-Combat: Looks great

-Controls: In an IGN "hands-on" the writer said the controls were good, but then listed a few complaints about them.

-Camera: In the beginning the player seemed to be having difficulty with the camera.

This is, once again, an older video so I am optimistic (weerd i no rite?) that the finished game will be much more polished.

*Awkwardly shuffles out of the room*

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