kodmani's Spider-Man: Web of Shadows (PlayStation 3) review

One of the best spider-man games, unfortuantely.

This game is a great entry to the next generation consoles and Activision finally gets its head straight and to develop a highly improved sequel from the last spider man game (spider man 3). This game may be just another spider man game to the normal but to those who adore spidey they will love this game.

Spider man has some nice shades around and looks really good on a HD screen(and on normal tv's). The city looks plain and doesn't offer much of a view. It gets really glitchy and tend to give you an eye sour.

Game play:
The combat is entertaining all the way from the beginning to the final end. It mostly includes just button mashing and with the right combos you are unstoppable.

The only thing that separates this game from the movies. It has a very nice theme to it(aliens taking over NY) and has some fun memorable marvel characters you will look forward seeing(wolverine and black cat). Voice acting is good and the game sometimes gets to its funny side.

The main menu of the game does not offer a very welcoming beginning but some of you will have to just give this game a chance.


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