Mary Jane in the movies is nothing like the one in the comics

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anybody agree

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Maybe you should make a list of differences and similarites to add more content to your thread
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Examples please.

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Mary Jane was never stuck on one guy. She was more of a free spirit. 
She was very independent. 
The one in the movies is so needy. She's also very quiet, plus no where was there the famous line,
"face it tiger, you just hit the jack pot."

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Oh and she was a bit on the wild side.

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I would appreciate if there was a bit more substance to this topic post, but yeah, I agree, however I don't know a whole lot about Spiderman.

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I agree, Mary Jane in the film was although cute, not really model material, which is why they probably only used the actress side of Mary Jane.
But Mary Jane is supposed to be that epic woman that helps make Parker look like he belongs above the rest, she has a strong attitude that keeps her by Peter's side no matter the event..
Most I just don't think Dunst pulled it off, by beside Tobey, maybe she did just fine .. oi

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Which comics? In Ultimate Spiderman, she was stuck to Parker like a booger on a wall.

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