Ultimate Spider-Man Sequel?

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This game was such much fun but it was too short.I like the cartoon graphics and the story was pretty good.I was hoping for a second game but it never game out even after all these years.Despite many years later, does anything think there will be a sequel for this game?

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Yea I doubt there will be a sequel at this point. Anyway, Web of Shadows is still the best Spider-Man game, if anything that game should get a sequel. 

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Ultimate was actually my favorite Spider-man game, so while I'd love it if it happened, I doubt it'll get a sequel. Considering where the Ultimate Spider-man comics are at now (Heavily-trumpeted-in-the-media spoilers: Peter's dead, new guy is some 13 year old) it's possible they might make a game about the new guy, but what with movie spidey 2.0 and all I don't think it's likely.

So long as they take the gameplay from Ultimate, though, I honesly don't care which version they go with. As far as I'm concerned that's the game where they finally refined the open-world, web-swinging action formula to the point where it really just clicked in all the right ways. And letting you go hog-wild as Venom was so goddam satisfying.

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Oh, I loved Ultimate Spider-Man. Perhaps a tie in with the Ultimate Comics universe would have been on the cards but for the fact that the recent movie game was very average.

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I never really enjoyed this game, I finished it, but I found it mad hard.

@DarthOrange said:

Yea I doubt there will be a sequel at this point. Anyway, Web of Shadows is still the best Spider-Man game, if anything that game should get a sequel.

100% Agree, best Spider-Man game.

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I thought I was the only one that loved Web of Shadows!

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