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The VGA’s take an in-depth look at the video games that were released in the past year. They categorize the games usually based on genre. Sometimes categories like Best Gaming Website or Break Through Performance are presented. However, the categories are usually just based on genres, voice acting, and overall game of the year.

The show’s appeal comes from the “spectacle” rather than the games. Famous actors come and host the show, while musicians come and perform. The games tend to take a back seat in the production. This recent lack of focus shouldn’t take away from the things the VGA’s have accomplished. They have brought video games to the eyes of the media, in a large way, in a time when video games were not as widely acknowledged. The VGA’s started the same time as G4’s G-Phoria, which is a show that aims to accomplish a similar goal.


The VGA’s are not regarded highly by “serious” gamers. The show is more geared toward the casual audience. Many serious gamers feel the show has no merit and is merely a popularity contest. This can be seen by the questionable award nominees for awards, such as: 50 Cent: Bulletproof and Peter Jackson’s King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie. Accompanied by poorly written skits and insignificant musical performances, the show is seen as a joke by many gamers. Nonetheless, it still garners a rather large audience each year.

The amount of viewers of recent years has dropped. In its first year on the air, the VGA’s had 1.23 million viewers. Steadily the ratings have dropped, but in 2009 the show’s numbers plummeted by 26% and sat at 680 thousand.

Shows & Winners

Details of each show can be seen by clicking the link to the pages in the years below. This is a brief list of the winners of the Game of the Year award.

Red Dead Redemption is the best game of 2010.


Each year, the show has a main host, save 2009. Here they are:

Neil Patrick Harris

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