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Spike is the predominant male character of the series and does his best to help his friends whenever he can.


Spike won't admit it, but he is rather sensitive to most commentary directed his way. He fears being forgotten about or not taken seriously as the tough dragon that he wants everypony to view him as. He's a bit narcissistic and views himself to be the supreme in an effort to make up for being the only dragon in Ponyville and a tough guy, like most boys his age. Despite all of this, Spike is incredibly playful and loves to poke fun or make jokes even if he's the only one to appreciate them. Spike does what he can to be generous even though dragons are notorious for their greed and desire to have all of the treasure and gems that they can.


  • Spike has a crush on the gem-loving unicorn Rarity (Most believe this is because of a dragon's need to horde beautiful gemstones)
  • One of the only characters from generation one of My Little Pony
  • Is a fantastic cook
  • Musically inclined and a wonderful pianist
  • Breathes green fire that he uses to send and receive letters from Princess Celestia

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