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The spiked bat is a combo weapon in Dead Rising as well as a weapon in other games such as Dead Island. In all three of these games, the spiked bat is built at a workbench and can only be built by combining a bat and nails. In Dead Rising, it's the first combo weapon that the player builds while in Dead Island, the player must find some nails and a bat and is built during a tutorial.

Spiked bats are useful for killing zombies. They are built by taking a wooden bat, putting the top of the nail inside the bat (with the nail part sticking out). The character then proceeds to swing the bat at zombies. In Dead Rising, charged up power attacks lead to the spiked bat lodging itself in a zombie's skull. Spiked bats aren't only used in zombie games: level the bat up to level 2 in Saints Row: The Third and the player has a solid spiked bat that can be used on regular citizens.

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