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General game play

Scatter shot

Spin Jam revolves around firing colored bubbles from the launcher (near the bottom) and rotating the spindle (in the middle) in order to to get three of the same color adjacent. This will cause explosions which shoot bubbles from the opposite side of the spindle towards the petals. Fill the petal with the same colored bubbles and it will pop. When all petals have popped the level is complete.

Game modes

  • Tutorial mode
  • Arcade mode
  • The Gallery
  • Battle game
  • Story mode

Story modes tale

¨The 'Spin Jam' universe is in peril from the evil Moolamb! To foil his plan you must become the 'Spin Jam' champion and defeat him in head to head combat. You will have to journey through the 'spin worlds meeting and defeating the other characters in order to earn the right to challenge the mighty Moolamb. The story game is the one player version of the battle game. It is played in an identical fashion except it is the player vs. the console.

First you must select the character you wish to play in your attempt to save the 'Spin Jam' universe. The method is the same is in the arcade game. Having chosen your character you will be transported to a map of the 'Spin Jam' universe and will face your first challenge. If you succeed you will journey further into the universe and meet another opponent.

If you lose a challenge you will have to start your quest again from the beginning.

Your objective is to battle your way through to Moolambs planet and defeat him in single combat.

Cast of Characters


A Podgy purple-saurus from the lava flows of a lost Jurassic world.


A Lolly lover, she wears her boxing gloves to stop her from eating her worlds supply.


A Fuzzy felt feline adored by the girls.


This rocket limbed boy is the original space hopper.


At home with the fishes.


A Kindergarten cyber sprog.

Lemon Drop

Bitter, but only slightly twisted.


The chopper eared dayglo bunny.

Hidden characters

There are also additional characters hidden in the game.

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