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Spinechiller spiders inhabit the Plane of Fear and often carry Cryosilk armor, which is sought after by all four types of casters.  Their cyrosilk swatches are usable by high-level tailors to craft rare items.



  • Backstab 
  • Spinechill - 10 HP per tick DoT, Decrease Fire resistance by 10 


  • Cryosilk Cap 
  • Cryosilk Choker 
  • Cryosilk Cloak 
  • Cryosilk Gloves 
  • Cryosilk Lined Shoes 
  • Cryosilk Pantaloons 
  • Cryosilk Robe 
  • Cryosilk Sash 
  • Cryosilk Sleeves 
  • Cryosilk Veil 
  • Cryosilk Webshield 
  • Fire Emerald 
  • Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 379 
  • Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 416 
  • Rune of the Astral 
  • Sapphire 
  • Swatch of Cryosilk    

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