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The Spirit Temple is a dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It's one of the temples Link travels to as an adult, and the only one where he must also explore as a child. It is located at the far end of Gerudo Desert, past the Haunted Wasteland. 
It is also, technically, the last temple Link goes through: this depending on whether or not the player goes through the Shadow Temple first.


Link explores the temple as both a child and as an adult. He must first enter as a child in order to continue farther as an adult. He does this by locating the Silver Gauntlets, which lets the owner move and lift heavy objects, for Gerudo leader Nabooru. 
However, when she is taken prisoner by Twinrova, the witches who play as the temple's bosses, Link uses them as an adult. Link, using the gauntlets, goes deeper into the temple and fights Twinrova. Defeating them, she awakens Nabooru.

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