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There are three spiritual stones that can be obtained in Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. They are all collected by Link when he is a child and are used to open the sealed door in the Temple of Time

 The Kokiri Emerald
Kokiri Emerald    
A green emerald entrusted by the Deku Tree on Link. This is what Ganondorf wanted when he visted the Deku Tree however, the Deku Tree refused and paid for it with his life. The Kokiri Emerald is also known as the 'Spiritual Stone of the Forest.' 
 The Goron Ruby
Goron's Ruby 
A red ruby given to Link by Darunia , leader of the Goron race after Link clears Dodongo's Cavern . The Goron's Ruby is also known as the 'Spiritual Stone of Fire.' 
      The Zora's Sapphire
Zora's Sapphire
Given to Link from Princess Ruto when Link rescues her from Jabu Jabu's belly. She says it is an engagement gift for Link. Zora's Sapphire also known as the 'Spiritual Stone of Water.'

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