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Splash Woman is one of the eight Robot Masters in Mega Man 9. She is also the first female Robot Master to appear in a Mega Man game. Splash Woman was originally built by Dr. Light to perform rescues at sea. She was designed by Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune.

Splash Woman's Stage

Splash Woman's stage includes a platforming segment on rising bubbles.

Like Bubble Man's stage in Mega Man 2, Splash Woman's stage is underwater, affecting the height of Mega Man's jump. Several sections of the stage are lined with spikes that can instantly kill Mega Man if touched. As a unique graphic touch, if Mega Man is struck by an ink ball by one of the stage's robotic octopi, he will be stained black and will remain that way until either the stage is completed or he dies and the player uses another life. While Mega Man is blackened, various items, including 1-Ups, bolts, and weapon energy pick-ups will likewise have their color palettes shifted so that black is the primary color.

Fighting Splash Woman

Splash Woman summons fish to attack Mega Man by singing.

Splash Woman's attack pattern consists of two phases. In the first, she swims around the top of the chamber, out of Mega Man's attack range and sings, summoning a trio of fish to swim across the screen and strike Mega Man. In the second phase, she will stay at he top of the screen and fire her Laser Trident down at him. After firing her final shot, she will lunge down at the floor below, opening herself to attack. She is weak against Hornet Man's Hornet Chaser weapon.

Laser Trident

Mega Man's colors while equipped with the Laser Trident.

Upon her defeat, Mega Man acquires the Laser Trident weapon. The Laser Trident is strong against Concrete Man and is able to pass through some barriers that other weapons can't.


  • Splash Woman's design bears resemblance to the Zero Guardian Fairy Leviathan.

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