Where did this game go?

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Not that I'm interested in buying this game but I was kind of following it for a bit because of my fond memories of plunking quarters in to the arcade version of Splatterhouse when I was a kid. The first teaser trailer for the game looked kinda neat, but then again, it was just a trailer. According to this site and the site where I buy my games, this game comes out in a month. I, however, have heard absolutely zero about this game since the teaser trailer. Did this game die in production or is it coming out? Again, not that I'm interested in buying it...just wanted to see where it ended up.

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@KimChi4U said:
"  Not that I'm interested in buying this game  
That's why. And I'm sure, you're not the only one. They made a horrible trailer and didn't do a great job on promoting it. If anyone without the knowledge of the original Splatterhouse, it looks like a video game made by Slipknot's music. And not many people want to play that game. I wouldn't be surprised if the game got canceled.
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I doubt it's cancelled.

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Splatterhouse is still on track for release this Fall (I want to say October, but that would require research and I - like many games journalists - am too fucking lazy to look), and it's shaping up to be fun 3D brawler in the vein of God of War. The reason it hasn't gotten a lot of publicity both in the enthusiast press and from a marketing standpoint is because it was never meant to be a AAA+ game. You can kind of tell just based on how they've treated the game since it was announced a couple years back. That being said, I don't blame them for putting a real marketing machine behind the title because it's only being made to feed on nostalgia and that niche of gory-ass video games. Not a huge market, believe it or not.

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They have some new screenshots over on Gamespot.  Looks
like late Nov for this game.  This is a day 1 purchase for me.
@KimChi4U said:

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I'm all for gory ass video games, as long as the game is good.  Copious amounts of blood and grue don't make a game, but they certainly don't break it either. The original Manhunt was fantastic for this, never have I squealed with such glee as when I stabbed a guy in the neck with a shard of glass the first time through Manhunt!

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