mrnivek's Splatterhouse (Xbox 360) review

Not even the best rental

I just rented this game and a hour or two into it and already I am considering taking it back. At first the graphics looked good and smack-talking mask was interesting but I started to tire of the constant talking after a bit. Being told to kill, kill, kill and f everything up got hard to listen to after awhile. This is pretty much based on the God of War play style and the button mashing of x got boring quick. Also some of the special moves that you do on dazed enemies can't even be pulled off sometimes since you are in mid combo and can't stop.  Also the stuttering of gameplay and  loading screens between deaths was a little to long for my taste. I admit this might be solved by ripping it to the hd but I don't think I am keeping it that long. Maybe I would be more in the mood if this came out around October and with Halloween in full swing but right now it is a maybe rental if nothing else interests you or a cheap bargin bin pick up. Also what was the deal with the collecting pieces of a picture of your unclothed girlfriend? Creepy.

Posted by MysteriousBob

You can't review a game after playing it for just two hours. This is a terrible excuse for a review.

Posted by falserelic

You was able to review a 10 hour game,from just playing it for two hours.Well isn't this just fantastic.

Posted by Xanth93
@MysteriousBob said:
" You can't review a game after playing it for just two hours. This is a terrible excuse for a review. "

Posted by mrnivek

So I guess every game you get you play to the end if you like it or not? I'd rather take the game back if it was rented and enjoy a diff game since I can. This is not a terrible excuse for a review just my opinion which we all have a right to have right? Anyway, when I returned this game today at Blockbuster the lady at the counter said it was funny since the person before me returned the game after having it only a hour after not liking it. Not my words hers...

Posted by Clenchmask

Your sir didn't "get it" obviously not a fan of the original series. I respect your opine but I will refute it to the end.

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