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I can't stop loving you.

I agree wholeheartedly with Alex's review I really do. But from the viewpoint of a fan of the original I NEED to give this game 4 stars. I love this game to death for all the wrong reasons. It's extremely crude with odd out of place nudity, I enjoy exposed breasts as much as the next guy but it seems almost pseudo awkward. This game is a celebration of the classic trilogy, which I've been playing the hell out of thanks to the original 3 being included on the disc. Number 3 is legitimately awesome in a final fight AVP way. 
 The "2d" parts of this are spot fucking on and great the music reflecting the timbre of the first 3 in the series. There is a seemingly infinite amount of nods the original three all of which are insanely great. I've never....  ever geeked out this much in the context of one sitting. Ever.  It's beautific, brutal, and a fun ride. It's more than exactly what you're expecting. It is the Darksiders of this season. And IT IS GLORIOUS.

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Posted by Kill

Good review! Love your passion!

Posted by agentboolen

Just finished Phase 5 and am loving this freakin game.  For years the original game has been a favorite for me and always played on my PC with mame.  I was scared with the 3 star review from GB and I had heard some things that made me feel like it might have been rushed but after playing it this much I'm feeling like it has been given a good amount of care.  It really feels like a B movie/game, not top tier but definitely for a targeted audience like us. 

I also have been loving the 2d moments in this game, I'm really hoping there is a bonus mode after I finish the game that just lets me play those parts one after the other in a fashion that feels like your playing a 2d sequel (you know give me only 3 lives and let me see how far I can get), I'm doubting it but I would love that option to be in there.

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