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First introduced in Irrational Games' (Now 2K Boston/Australia) critically acclaimed BioShock, Splicers are the primary enemy in the underwater utopia-gone-wrong, Rapture. These twisted beings were once the elite of society, the "cream of the crop" allowed to enter Rapture. However, following the discovery of ADAM, the people became greedy, obsessed with the abilities granted to them by this new gene-altering substance. They began injecting themselves heavily with the refined form of ADAM known as plasmids, and quickly became addicted. The plasmids began to twist and deform its abusers, making them reliant upon it to the point that the society of Rapture could no longer survive. As the supply of ADAM dwindled, the splicers became more and more desperate, driving the few remaining citizens to seek refuge in fortified buildings. Now, these twisted beings scavenge the watery halls of Rapture in search of whatever ADAM they can find.

Splicer Research

Photo of a Leadhead splicer
Throughout the game, the player can take photos of splicers in order to gain information about them and their weaknesses. These photos are rated with a letter-grade, depending on distance, action, and other variables. In addition to the letter grade, there is a bar at the bottom of the photo viewer, and the higher the photo is rated, the more the bar is filled. At the completion of a full bar, the player is rewarded with something, such as increased damage against that enemy type, or a new gene tonic that may be useful in combat. Every enemy type has multiple bars to fulfil, each granting a new ability.

Splicer Categories

Thuggish Splicer
Thuggish Splicer - The basic Splicer type in BioShock, these twisted foes will recklessly attack, using whatever pipes or wrenches they may find.

Leadhead Splicer
Leadhead Splicer - Similar in appearance to the Thuggish splicers, these foes are slightly more difficult to deal with as they have access to a range of firearms.

Nitro Splicer
Nitro Splicer - First making their appearance in the Medical Pavilion, the Nitro splicer is a formidable enemy, wielding explosives that can be thrown at the player, causing severe damage. However, these explosives can be caught with telekinesis and thrown back at the Splicer.

Spider Splicer
Spider Splicer - Spider splicers are the most agile enemies in Rapture. The Spider splicer carries sharp hooks that can be thrown from a distance and they can also move and jump quickly across any surface, including the ceiling.

Houdini Splicer
Houdini Splicer - First encountered in Arcadia, Houdini Splicers are perhaps the trickiest enemy to deal with. Not only are they difficult to hit due to their ability to instantly teleport, but they also pack a punch with a variety of weapons and plasmids at their disposal.

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