Can I run Double Agent?

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First of all, ty all for answering the SC2 topic.

Now, I really wonder if I can run Double Agent on my low-end PC, settings won't matter. It's pretty much a precaution as I don't want to get it without knowing if it'll work at all.


Windows XP SP3

AMD Athlon(tm) 64 processor 3200+ ~2,0GHZ


Nvidia Geforce 6100 with 256 VRAM

Anything else you need, tell me ;D

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#3 Posted by CrossOfScaffold (10 posts) -

I did try it a little while ago, but I can't tick off the new generation graphics option.

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#5 Posted by CrossOfScaffold (10 posts) -

Not so sure about that site. Told me I got 380 mb Vram. Oh well, everything seems fine except the Video Card model.

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