Is the series worth getting into.

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I've been playing quite a few stealth games recently and I was thinking about getting into the splinter cell series. So I was wondering if it was worth getting into the splinter cell series and if so which game would be best to start from in you're opinion.

any feedback will be appreciated. thanks.

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#2 Posted by DocHaus (2245 posts) -

@nailmon: Buy Chaos Theory, it is probably the peak of the series. Maybe the first game too if you can deal with the challenge, but definitely Chaos Theory because it goes downhill after that.

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The first isn't bad, it's just a bit clunky. Chaos Theory is the high point of the series. Pandora Tomorrow is over-looked, but it's not terrible. I'd say go for CT at least, for sure. Also, make sure to get the Xbox version. It has seamless levels (something the PS2 version doesn't have) and looks better. It'll also play on a 360.

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@two_socks: well i was thinking about getting the HD collection for the PS3 which has the first three games but i was wondering if there were any problems with the HD collection.

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#5 Posted by two_socks (378 posts) -

@nailmon: Not sure about any problems. I wanna say there are, like some frame-rate problems or something, but I'm not completely sure.

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#6 Posted by nailmon (34 posts) -

@two_socks: Ok i might give the HD collection a shot then, thanks for the help.

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I am about to play through ever Splinter Cell game. I played the first when it came out, but I haven't played any others...honestly not sure why... So, I'm now going through all of them. It will probably take me a year to do it, because I'll play other games in between, though. :) I'm a big fan of stealth games.

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