How to do full screen/same screen gaming without the new Sony TV

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Apologies if this has been posted, I searched but all of the prominent keywords are pretty common and there are a few forums where it could show up.
Sony just announced a $500 24" TV that does 3D and can offer full screen, same screen multiplayer. You don't need that specific TV to do it. I'm not sure if all 3D TVs support it, but here's a video of how one guy did it with his 42" Vizio.

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I've never been a supporter of the 3D movement, but this is really cool.

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Seriously, I had 3D, but I love this technology. I'm not surprised that it's working on other 3D TVs. I kind of feel like an idiot for nothing thinking of this. It's so obvious in retrospect.

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@Origina1Penguin said:

I've never been a supporter of the 3D movement, but this is really cool.

Same here. The thing about this is you're using the 3D tech to give two different 2D images. Finally, a good use for 3D tech... and it's not in 3D. With the price of 3D TVs getting closer and closer to that of their 2D-only counterparts, I can see people buying them just for this feature. Too bad the glasses are still a bit overpriced.
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After watching the E3 Day 2 video, I wonder if staff know about this yet.

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