Come Ride My Fiery Bus!

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Excellent Throwdown mayhem tonight. S/S is #1 with a Fiery Bus on my weekend gaming plans.
Speaking of FB, glad I had some time to put a little GB meme homage together:

 My Bus. It is very Fiery.

I'll give this a Creative Commons, so shoot me a PM if you'd like any high res elements to photobomb the hell out of it or whatever.

FB fo' life!

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Fucking tossycock! This means I missed the Throwdown haven't I?

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Now we need to make liscence plates that say fiery bus.

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GB T-shirt #724 

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@BiffMcBlumpkin: +1 for Gillian Anderson love.
@eroticfishcake: The archived stream should be good rewatchable fun.
@D6Chicago: Awhh. They've made intern jokes before. I guess it's because lots of people know about Matt.
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@BiffMcBlumpkin: i gust got a boner
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