PC release?

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Anyone know how this is being released on the PC? I hear it's not making it to retail but have no idea how it's being distributed digitally if that's the case  (i.e. no news of a steam release etc.). 

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Well apparently it's on Direct2Drive in the UK currently but at the price of £39.99, I think I'll pass - I have no idea how D2D survives considering how inflated their prices in are comparison to Steam.... 
Edit: Contacted a few UK retailers and none seem to be getting stock in, despite Disney apparently retracting their previous statement that it would only see a limited digital release and so would be making it to store shelves afterall.... 
It's out in America today - anyone know what the hell is going on?    

#3 Posted by rmills87 (537 posts) -

Not a clue dude - I'm all over the Internet right now trying to see when it's coming to Steam.

#4 Posted by GiovanniSantos (8 posts) -

I believe that'll take some time, as I (and I think all of us do) believe that Disney has a exclusivity contract with IGN.

#5 Posted by Jimbo (10223 posts) -

Yeah there's a PC version up on a few digital sites but its LOLing expensive.  Not sure about retail release.

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